What's the optimal way to reduce worker stress

while enhancing more level-headed thinking?

How can you help your TV staff become happier

while performing better with less worry


Mindfulness Meditation Training (MMT).

Available now, in LA and on-site,

to productions companies and

network employees from a trusted 

veteran Show Runner.

Mindfulness in Business 

Nike, Apple, Aetna, Deutsche Bank, Procter and Gamble, HBO, Google - they all offer meditation @ the work place. 

Phil Jackson George Lucas, Russell Simmons, Martin Scorsese and Bill Clinton - they all meditate. ​​​

From locker rooms to class rooms to board rooms, Mindfulness Meditation is sweeping the country and now it's available to the production community from a trusted and veteran TV producer. Nick Stein has worked in the business for 40 years as an editor, writer, director, producer and show runner and knows about the unique stressors that non-fiction and reality workers are under. 

This is why he's now offering the knowledge he’s gained, thru his studies at UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC) and in the teacher training program at the Engaged Mindfulness Institute (EMI). His gold -standard training, combined with a long and successful career in non-ficton TV, make him the choice to bring this ground breaking “technology” to the Non-Fiction and Reality TV business.

Nick is prepared to offer the enormous benefits of mindfulness meditation; benefits that include stress reduction while gaining of more focus, and less emotional reactivity, for your overtaxed employees. Evidence suggests that meditation increases immune functioning, offers an improved sense of well -being, and reduces psychological distress resulting in better company moral - 

all of it good for the bottom line.

With periodic visits, at a reasonable cost, Nick will introduce your staff to this secular and science based practice, bringing real results in a relatively short time. 

Bottom line: 
Nick can give your folks the tools to be happier, healthier

and more productive.

Don't believe me?  Ask 60 Minutes! 

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“What’s good for the spirit is good for the bottom line...” Yahoo executive.