Boomtowners - Partners in Motion for The Smithsonian Channel

Border Wars – National Geographic Television for NGC 
Homeland Security USA - Arnold Shapiro for ABC

The National Geographic Millennium Special - NGT for NBC
Nat Geo's World Music Special with Peter Gabriel - NGT for NGC

Amazing Games (The World's Most Exotic Sports) - ESPN
Monster Nation (40 episodes!) - Original Prod. for Discovery Channel
Secrets of the Internet - Discovery Channel
The Real Frankenstein: An Untold Story w/ Sir David Frost - ABC
Fat Guys in the Woods - RIVR Media for The Weather Channel
License to Drill - Montreal's Pixcom Prod. for Discovery Canada
Alien Intent - Original Prod. for A&E
Digging for the Truth - Angkor Wat - JWM for History Channel
The States! - Actuality for History Channel

Stein's TV Bio

Television Productions:

An award winning TV producer who has worked on countless hours of non-fiction televsion for myriad networks and production companies, Nicholas Stein has directly participated in the non-fiction entertainment and documentary industry as a cameraman, editor, writer, producer, director and development executive for almost 35 years. His list of credits run from local news (WBZ-TV) to World Music (The Nat Geo/ Peter Gabriel World Music Special); from the planet’s most exotic sports (ESPN’s Amazing Games), to America’s most bizarre people (NBC’s Real People), and from the untold story of a legendary monster (the ABC Special The Real Frankenstein) to presiding over 40 episodes of Monster Nation (Discovery Channel).

Most recently Stein was the Series Producer for one of the highest rated series in the history of the National Geographic Channel - Border Wars. Spanning a 4-year period, Stein shot 56 hours of Border Wars in 14 locations, as he and his crew gained unparalleled access to the hottest areas of the US/Mexican border by embedding with the operational units of Customs and Border Protection, ICE, DEA and the U.S. Coast Guard.