"Nick’s direct experience - and hard won credibility - with hundreds of agents and officers, plus his extensive training at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center - all of this makes him uniquely qualified to teach mindfulness meditation techniques to law  enforcement personnel and First Responders.”

Richard Goerling, Police Lieutenant, Hillsboro Police Department and Patrol Watch Commander & Faculty at Pacific University for Community and Organizational Wellness 

Nick Stein from Nick Stein on Vimeo.

Nick Stein is a Non-Fiction TV Producer (Border Wars, National Geographic) as well as a Mindfulness Meditation Coach and Teacher.

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Cops and Meditation:

A Training Course.

Stein’s non-stop reporting on human suffering left him with a bad case of burn out. Seeking relief from these disturbing experiences, Nick found great healing in a secular meditation based mindfulness practice. Today, Stein introduces Mindfulness Meditation Training (MMT) to police officers, fire fighter, EMTs and other security sector professionals.

His 3-hour break out session, Security from the Inside Out:  An Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training, is an interactive workshop based on ground breaking  techniques first taught at the Hillsboro Police Department in Oregon by Lt. Richard Goerling.

Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT) has been proven to reduce stress, improve attention, control emotional reactivity and promote a general sense of well being in veteran police officers. Across the nation, more and more protection agencies have adopted the MBRT model for its members, be they in the military, law enforcement or first responders. 


In affiliation with MindfulBadge.com, Lt. Richard Goerling's Portland Oregon based education foundation, we can now offer on site or remote training in Mindfulness Based Resilience Training (MBRT). This is innovative curriculum is 

at the intersection of modern science and contemplative wisdom and it shows officers how to upgrade their job performance and life. Goerling’s forecasted benefits include everything from improvements in reaction time to stress reduction to resilience, the ability to recover from adverse situations. This is important not just for the cops — who face some of the highest rates of workplace stress and its associated ailments — but for the communities they serve. Goerling expects that cops who meditate will make better decisions, use force more judiciously and be less likely to end up the unwitting stars of viral videos. 


* Mindfulness Based Resilience Training- A once a week, eight week training course for first responders based upon MBSR training developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and the University of Massachusetts. 

* Resilience Summits - A semi-annual training and information sharing conference in Oregon that brings together subject matter experts for brainstorming and planning forward. Anticipated next summit - Fall 2016. 

* Mindfulness Immersion Retreats - Currently exploring the delivery of several regional mindfulness retreats in the U.S. and Canada for 2016-2017. These are designed to be intensive immersions of experiential mindfulness training. Additionally, these will provide training on cultivating preventative mental health and sustainable fitness and nutrition. 

“Stein’s seminar on MBRT was an invaluable introduction to a practice that is sweeping the nation, from police musters to board rooms to class rooms.”  

Steve Laskey, Editorial Director, Cygnus Security Media Group

Cops and Meditation:

             An Introduction