“Nick Stein has seen more action on the US/MX border than most Border Patrol Agents.”  Henry Mendiola, Special Operations Supervisor, U.S. Border Patrol

​​​​​In this one-of-a-kind keynote speech, veteran television producer, and master storyteller, Nick Stein transports his audiences into the Border Zone. Featuring action-packed video clips from the series, Stein describes the many harrowing moments he and his crews experienced while producing the National Geographic TV series, “Border Wars”.

​Jumping out of Blackhawk helicopters to chase armed drug smugglers at night, bursting through the locked doors of drug and human stash houses, spotting human bodies drowned in the Rio Grande River while aboard patrol boats, investigating fresh Mexican Cartel drug tunnels and more.

Stein's unprecedented access to America's border security efforts uniquely qualifies him to share his perspective of this precarious environment. He clears away the politics and focuses on the men and women who try to control this volatile and dangerous frontier.

Stein's Keynote Address

Border Wars:

The Ground Truth

​​​​"Securing the border is a monumental and Herculean task and many have tried to capture it in a way that was entirely neutral and easy to understand.  Nick Stein is the only producer who was able to accomplish just that with his brilliant series “Border War’s” on National Geographic. I seriously doubt if there is any lay person in the country that understands what is actually taking place there as thoroughly as Nick Stein. It was a true honor to work with him.”  

William Anthony, Assistant Commissioner Office of Public Affairs,

Customs & Border Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security