His astonishing journey of transformation, from war zone filmmaker to mindfulness meditation teacher, allows him to speak about real and viable steps to easing personal suffering and creating lasting personal resiliency.

Using clips and photos, Stein's unique story will inspire audiences and teach them how to navigate  their own “border zones” of personal suffering. From mayhem to mindfulness, his story has a powerful and universal appeal.  

Border Wars:

From Mayhem

to Mindfulness​

Border Wars: From Mayhem to Mindfulness

Nicholas Stein, former show-runner of National Geographic’s hit TV series, “Border Wars,” takes you on a journey of transformation from war-zone filmmaker to meditation teacher. This show is a deep dive into the heart of the Mexico/U.S. border zone where, for over 4-years, Stein and his crew rode shotgun in Blackhawks, Hueys and Patrol boats - even hanging onto the back of ATVs - with agents of federal law enforcement. Their job: to document the 24-hour struggles of policing 2,000 miles of border. Along with constant danger, Nick and his team witnessed human suffering on an unimaginable scale, on both sides of the badge. Using footage from his groundbreaking show, Nick humanizes and brings to life the everyday drama of the border while sharing his parallel story of his own burnout, change, and affirmative growth. At the end of his talk Nick invites his audiences to experience some of the mindfulness, meditation and resilience training he currently shares with first-responders across the country.

Nicholas Stein, Series Producer of nearly 60 episodes of National Geographic Television’s series, “Border Wars,” can attest to the impact of human misery. Stein personally chronicled the unspeakable suffering of illegal migrants, coerced drug smugglers, violent crime victims, and burnt out federal law enforcement officers. Over time, the combat-related stress of shooting “Border Wars,” took a psychological toll on Stein’s personal resiliency, as he struggled with his own post traumatic demons and unseen wounds.